LabPi measuring station

Each set includes a complete measuring station and consists of a minicomputer, microSD card, adapter board (V2.0), a custom-made housing and a 10" touch display. The operating system and software are pre-installed, so you can get started right away.

From four devices, we offer a free, short training for your college via Zoom, so that the start succeeds.

368,- €
plus VAT

SEN1: Temperature

Waterproof temperature sensor with stainless steel head for LabPi. The sensor can be used via the USB connection for LabPi in a measuring range from -55 to +105 °C. The cable length is 1m.

44,- €
plus VAT

SEN2: pH value

pH sensor for LabPi; the scope of delivery includes two vials each with buffer solutions (pH 4 and pH 7) for calibrating the sensor.

84,- €
plus VAT

SEN3: Conductivity

Conductivity sensor for LabPi; the scope of delivery includes two vials each with buffer solutions(12,88 ms * cm-1 and 1,413 ms * cm-1) for calibrating the sensor.

142,- €
plus VAT


CO2-Infrared sensor for LabPi. The measuring range is 0 - 5,000 ppm. Can also be used for use as a CO2 traffic light.

96,- €
plus VAT

SEN5: Photometer

New: LED photometer for LabPi. The photometer has a coverable beam path and can be used with ordinary cuvettes (plastic or quartz) of conventional thickness and height. In addition to the classic LEDs (red, green blue), the photometer has three other LEDs (yellow, UV, infrared) that can cover a wider measuring range. The software automatically selects the best possible LED if desired.

199,- €
plus VAT

LabPi standalone CO2-traffic light

New: A standalone variant of LabPi for determining the CO2 gas concentration. The CO2 traffic light consists of a Raspberry Pi Zero with CO2 sensor (SEN4), a small OLED display and associated software, which displays the result as a traffic light. The traffic light color is based on the values of the German Commission for Indoor Air Hygiene at the Federal Environment Agency, which recommends a value of 1,000 ppm as the upper limit for CO2 traffic lights in schools in light of the Covid 19 pandemic.

198,- €
plus VAT

LabPi Suitcase

Shock/impact resistant polypropylene case for storage of LabPi and/or LabPi sensors. Dust and waterproof according to IP67. The raster foam insert can be customized.

currently not available

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